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Contract Addresses
A list of commonly used 0x protocol contract addresses
For JavaScript/TypeScript developers, we publish the @0x/contract-addresses package to NPM with all these addresses. You can find the full list of addresses here: https://github.com/0xProject/protocol/blob/development/packages/contract-addresses/addresses.json​

We will support Ropsten testnet until October 25, 2022 as this testnet has already been deprecated by the Ethereum Foundation. Developers should plan to migrate to Goerli by that date.

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0x v4
Ethereum Mainnet (Chain ID: 1)
Goerli Testnet (Chain ID: 5)
Ropsten Testnet (Chain ID: 3)
Binance Smart Chain (Chain ID: 56)
Polygon (Chain ID: 137)
Mumbai (Chain ID: 80001)
Avalanche (Chain ID: 43114)
Fantom (Chain ID: 250)
Celo (Chain ID: 42220)
Optimism (Chain ID: 10)
Arbitrum (Chain ID: 42161)
0x v3
Ethereum Mainnet (Chain ID: 1)
Ropsten Testnet (Chain ID: 3)