0x Documentation

Contract Addresses

A list of commonly used 0x protocol contract addresses
For JavaScript/TypeScript developers, we publish the @0x/contract-addresses package to NPM with all these addresses. You can find the full list of addresses here: https://github.com/0xProject/protocol/blob/development/packages/contract-addresses/addresses.json​

0x v4

Ethereum Mainnet (Chain ID: 1)

Goerli Testnet (Chain ID: 5)

Binance Smart Chain (Chain ID: 56)

Polygon (Chain ID: 137)

Mumbai (Chain ID: 80001)

Avalanche (Chain ID: 43114)

Fantom (Chain ID: 250)

Celo (Chain ID: 42220)

Optimism (Chain ID: 10)

Arbitrum (Chain ID: 42161)

0x v3

Ethereum Mainnet (Chain ID: 1)

Ropsten Testnet (Chain ID: 3)