0x Documentation


The 0x Community DAO is the collective governing voice of the 0x protocol and the ZRX token
Since launching in 2017, the the 0x Protocol has progressively decentralized control from the founding team -- its initial stewards -- to an ecosystem of incentive-aligned contributors and participants -- its community. Our goal is to become a fully accountable community that is directly responsible for the protocol's long-term sustenance, and our decentralization roadmap lays out the path.
Every token holder, big or small, can play a role in governance -- from weighing in on ZeroEx Improvement Proposals (ZEIPs), to sharing ideas on how to use DAO treasury funds, to actively contributing to the protocol's advancement in a myriad of other ways. Over time, we expect that projects using 0x technology in their products and services will become more active in governance, as they depend on the credibly neutral and reliable decentralized exchange infrastructure that the protocol provides.
Path to Decentralization