0x Documentation


This page lists the most popular guides to get started building with 0x based on your use case

Swap Tokens

  • ​Swap Tokens with 0x Swap API - This guide will teach you how to programmatically execute a ERC20 token trade.
  • ​Use 0x API Liquidity in Your Smart Contracts - This guide will teach you how to consume 0x API swap quotes from inside a smart contract.
  • ​How to Build a Token Swap Dapp with 0x API - Written and video content on how to build a token swapping dapp (a simple Matcha.xyz) using the 0x /swap API endpoint. This app aggregates liquidity across the greater DEX ecosystem surfaces the best price to the user.
  • ​Fill a 0x API quote - A runnable example of how to fill a 0x quote that can be run on Ropsten or Ganache.
  • ​Working in the Testnet - Learn two ways to test swapping ERC20 tokens with the 0x API - either using the Goerli testnet or forking Ethereum mainnet into your own testnet . Includes a runnable example.

ERC20 Limit Order

Professional Market Making With Limit Orders

NFT Limit Orders (ERC721 + ERC1155)

0x Starter Project